The Proposed Proclamation Route


14:30 – The Procession party will read the first proclamation in Queens Square.

14:50 – The Procession party will make their way to the junction of Corn Street, Broad Street, High Street and Wine Street where the second proclamation will be read.

15:10 – The Procession party will make their way to the Horsefair where the third proclamation will be read.

15:30 – The Procession party will finally make their way to College Green where the fourth and final proclamation will be read.

Please note: We strongly advice choosing one Proclamation site from above and remaining there until the Proclamation has been read, and dispersing from there. Please do not try to follow the proclamation party as the same situation will happen at each Proclamation site. 

After the procession party has read out the proclamation at each point, the road closures will progressively begin to open every 30 minutes afterwards.

Do’s and Don’ts whilst attending a Proclamation site:

  1. Please do not bring your dogs with you.
  2. Make sure your children have adult supervision at all times.
  3.  If you lose sight of your child, please tell a member of the Police immediately.
  4. Do not bring large bags or rucksacks.
  5. Please bring your own refreshments whilst waiting in the queue.
  6. If you do need to bring a pram along with you, please be mindful of the space being taken up, and be prepared to collapse the pram if needed.
  7. Please pack appropriately for the weather. Bring sunscreen and/or a waterproof hooded jacket.
  8. Bring your own seating and refreshments for the wait.
Map of the Proclamation Route in Bristol