Book of Condolence and Candles

For those wanting to leave a message of sincere condolence, there will be a Book of Remembrance available inside the Cathedral and also at The City Hall, and open for all members of the public. This book will be placed in front of a photograph of the Queen. There will also be a candlestand with votive candles available within the Cathedral nearby for those who wish to light a candle for Queen Elizabeth II.

The Cathedral will be open daily between 8am-7pm during the summer and 8am-6pm during the winter months for any member of the public who wishes to leave a message of condolence. The book will be closed once the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II has taken place.

Queuing System:

The queues outside of the Cathedral will be controlled by volunteer stewards belonging to The National Trust. The queueing system will be controlled by Bristol City Council for the book of condolence signing at City Hall. The queue to gain entry to The Cathedral will begin at the West door and head along Deanery Road, St George’s Road and onto Anchor Road if necessary. Because of this queueing system that will be in place, there will be little to no on-street parking on Deanery Road or St George’s Road. We strongly advise using public transport or one of our recommended parking options.

Once inside the west door of the Cathedral, the queues within will be controlled by the Cathedral staff and volunteers.

Inside Bristol Cathedral
Cathedral Queue BRP

Our tips for queueing:

  1. We strongly recommend bringing your own seating for the queue. Waiting lengths may vary but could be for a substantial amount of time depending on what time you arrive.
  2. Pack appropriately for the weather. Bring an umbrella, hooded waterproof jacket and sunscreen if appropriate.

What to expect upon entering the Cathedral:

  1. A number of stations will be open each with a book of condolence to sign. Please note: Please consider what your message of condolence shall be whilst queueing outside, to minimise wait time for others. 
  2. You will be directed to one of the station queues by a member of the Cathedral staff.
  3. Each station will be covered by a black cloth with flowers on the table next to each book of condolence.
  4. Each book of condolence will be in loose leaf form.
  5. There shall be a framed portrait of Her Majesty and a candle.
  6. Privacy will be given to you to write your message. Anyone wishing to light a candle will have the opportunity to do so before leaving the Cathedral doors from the North side door.

Do’s and Don’ts for attending the book of condolence signing:

  1. Please do not bring your dogs with you.
  2. Make sure your children have adult supervision at all times.
  3. There will be a space set aside in the Cathedral for children who have lost their parents/guardians. If you lose sight of your child, please tell a member of the stewarding team immediately who will alert other members of staff.
  4. Do not bring large bags or rucksacks. We will be performing random bag searches as security levels will be high.
  5. Please bring your own refreshments whilst waiting in the queue.
  6. If you do need to bring a pram along with you, please be mindful of the space being taken up, and be prepared to collapse the pram once inside, if needed.
  7. Please think about what message of condolence you will write before entering the Cathedral to minimize wait time for others.

Things to note:

  • The Roman Catholic Clifton Cathedral Church of SS. Peter and Paul on Pembroke road will be available to those who wish to partake in quiet contemplation.
  • The book of condolence will be open D+1 of announcement (one day after the day of death has been announced)
  • All faiths and those of no faith are all welcome to the Cathedral. The same goes for any of the services held for the life of Her Majesty and the Royal Proclamations.